Gaming Consequences

gaming-consequencesWhile gaming as a concept today represents a very mixed bag of experiences that an individual can engage with, a distinction needs to be made into two large categories. Gaming as entertainment can provide excitement, pleasure and entertaining to an individual by simply engaging himself within the experience, he pays a price determined by the publisher and developer of said game and goes through the experience, in a sense these types of games represent a service similar to that provided by the movie industry. However, gaming also involves the games of chance in which the player has placed a stake of value for the possibility to win something of greater value. The two types of gaming experiences whilst both being excitement have a very different purposes.

Gaming as a service, or video gaming, today represents the norm of society, it is regarded as something akin to movie entertainment, as such there is not alot of controversy stemming from this type of industry, this however has not hold true of games of chance or gambling.

While gambling games have existed throught histoy in one form or another, the perception on this type of activity have ranged from being ignored and accepted to being downright illegal, with the individuals participating in these types of games to be regarded as an outcast in their local community. The harsh perception of games has been a common sight in socities that have were very religious, this still holding true today with small exceptions.

Most notable exception being that of the Catholic church that has largely deemed gambling to be in order as long as the process itself is fair. Whilst the Catholic church regards the actual gambling activity as being fine, it does have some issues with the venues where these activities take place, namely casinos. The reason behing this apprehension is due to the fact that casinos indirectly push the individual to gamble more, in some cases more then he or she should.

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