Playing Bingo

playing-bingoThe world of gambling while popular it still has some stigma attached to it and to the individuals that engage in this type of activity, however, there is a game of chance that somehow escapes a lot of that stigma, namely bingo.

Bingo represents a game of chance that is highly popular amongst a varied demographic and is organized by a multitude of institutions, homes for the elderly or even churches, however, the games are regulated by local laws. At its core bingo represents a game of numbers and there have been many iterations of it.

During the bingo game the players are given cards that are 5×5 in dimension and contain a series of numbers the point of the game being that the players need to match the numbers of the card to the ones that are being randomly drawn to the ones on the card, the winner having to call out bingo once that specific pattern of numbers have been achieved. When the winning player has been discovered the game in question ends and another begins. The purpose of the game is to win the jackpot which can vary depending on the stakes provided by the organizers and of course the local laws that exist in the area in question.

Bingo has existed throughout history in a number of iterations and under different names, games similar to this have existed since the 16th century Italy, the game suffering chances overtime as new elements had been added.

While traditionally bingo is played in the same room with all the players present physically, it has not escaped the changing dynamic of gambling, as they move to the online environment. As a consequence today individuals have the possibility to play bingo online as well, which brings the same advantages and disadvantages that exist with other types of online games of chance.

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