The Rise of the Online Game

the-rise-of-the-online-gameWith the evolution of games and their transfer to a new medium, from the real into the virtual, a certain new social aspect has evolved alongside. Now games could be played not just amongst immediate friends but with strangers across the globe which share similar passions. With the appearance of the new phenomenon that was online gaming, not only would people compete against each other in strategy, reflexes or chance, but would also form friendships and bonds outside of the virtual world.

In a sense it has become a new cultural phenomena which in turn brought the attention even more on gaming, as individuals that did not have any previous contact with these types of games, have also become engrossed. Games have become more complex and diverse with massive amounts of money being poured into the industry, some even reaching the height of sports dubbed as E-Sports.

What used to be a very niche type of entertainment had become a massive and profitable industry. The internet had provided a whole new market through which these games and the people behind them, such as developers and publishers could more easily reach their targeted market segment. While today the game collection that an individual is able to choose from is quite vast there are a few genres within the gaming industry which seem to dominate the market in terms of competitivity and money that revoles around them.

A few examples of such types of games are FPS (First Person Shooters), MOBA’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena’s) or games of chance, the likes of online poker, blackjack or roulette just to name a few. In the case of the first two genres the player is usually part of a team, the very best of which receives sponsorship and end up going to competitions. Online games of chance such as poker for example are a much more private experience where the player is alone, as is the potential risk and reward.

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